Women Empowerment and India

The status of women in India has greatly fluctuated with the multi-millennial history of this country. Officially accept that – Men-Women are equal to maintain the flag of hypocrisy. Because, it is not really the situation, at least for the mass who has no private transport or the required knowledge to reach the news to the proper places at International level.


Women Empowerment and India : Examples


An excellent example with lot of practical DIY style workaround – India and Entrepreneur is Still a Joke. Rights of a Women were never unequal 5000 years ago. Neither the British tried to do the worst possible for the Women, indeed; their humane could not tolerate the abnormal behaviors. One can read the simple articles on Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Keshub Chandra Sen, David Hare, John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune on Wikipedia to understand the facts, work flow etceteras.


To the memory of the British Empire in India, Which conferred subjecthood upon us, But withheld citizenship. To which yet every one of us threw out the challenge: “Civis Britannicus sum” Because all that was good and living within us Was made, shaped and quickened By the same British rule.

Nirad C. Chaudhuri



In 120 years, some rules can be enforced and must be enforced but few people or peoples from other countries can not grossly change the view of the mass – it takes time, how much, its difficult to predict. In other words, previously the fun was to put a woman really in fire, obviously to get some advantages. This is basically not very spiritualistic practice rather a practice to ensure capturing properties in some way or the other, by one or multiple person. Now, that entertainment cum practice has been lost and as Searching Google is easier (Read the article on India and Entrepreneur is Still a Joke for understanding) to find an Established woman in a dishonored way.


Women Empowerment and India : How We Might Think


In today’s India, women occupy important positions – President of the country, Judges, Important post holders of UN, UN ambassadors, Journalists, Writers (recall – Arundhati Ro, Jhumpa Lahiri – to name a few) are women. But, practically these women has supportive background. Background is made of both the males and females. The after effect of Muslim conquest of India (it is Never that Islam is bad, it is a group of people who use the banner; Islam itself says more about peace) is what India Right Now is.


Women Empowerment and India

Many many people, including NGO, UN as a whole, Politicians, Authors ; all are actually doing the best for Women Empowerment, in other words; to reset back to Vedic Period. Loosely, there is a segment of males and their follower women who are directly responsible for the relative delay or the sluggishness for the improvement – whatever the reason is/are. Passively, the educated Women are delaying it – non-participation in activities, not understanding the various types of elements in the society for own sake. Practically, none can change another person’s point of view from wrong towards right.

As good number of the Indians still has a tendency towards abusing various systems, quite obviously some Women also abuses it. These contributes to various Trolls, most are apparent on Quora like online Q&A forums.



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