Suchitra Sen – Reconciled

Suchitra Sen or rather Rama Dasgupta is important not because she is now a past tense, but because Suchitra Sen is an ongoing part of Bengali Culture – Good or Bad. Suchitra Sen, was fully quiet and kept her face away from public gaze. Except peer group, none ever knew – this old lady is the Actress Suchitra Sen who hide the face. If one suddenly faces a quite personally known person after a decade, it becomes it difficult to recognize! A person who is seen only on the screen, becomes more difficult to recognize. Additional layer of acting “I am not really that person…” does the trick. Thus Rama Dasgupta separated Actress Suchitra Sen and kept the glamor alive. This intellect, without any doubt is an extended example as an demonstration behind the reason of hype among the Male Indians for the Bengali Girls!


Suchitra Sen – You Are Not Any Exception To The Mass Search !


Like we pointed out before in the essay, India and Entrepreneur, Google unfortunately made the fact nude – Suchitra Sen was also perceived as an object :

Suchitra Sen–Reconciled


The mercy of mass search is limited to “Suchitra Sen Hot” unlike UN Goodwill Ambassador possibly for a big reason – the peoples who are/were searching will be within the age bracket of 50 years to 80 years. As far India’s ongoing Rape Culture is concerned or more abusively should be said, Bengali Culture is Rolling on (it is difficult to point as Going On), Dibanath Sen is not much searched – he was her husband.


Allegedly, Satyajit Ray wanted in the titular role in his adaptation of the Bankimchandra Chatterjee classic, ‘Debi Chaudhrani’, but when things didn’t work out, he abandoned the project. It took a determined, enthusiastic and charming Gulzar, armed with a script of a lifetime, to make her deign a stint with Bollywood again. The film was ‘Aandhi’, and the role was that of a middle-aged woman politician who has a chance encounter with her ex-husband during while campaigning. Rumoured to be based in the life of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, the film was banned during 1975′s emergency. Soon after, Suchitra Sen went retired from public life and led a life away from the arc lights. She never made public appearances and every now and then there were rumours of Suchitra-spotting in the popular media.

– Indianexpress


A typical Bengali Women from well educated Middle class family from undivided Bengal, married to an Industrialist who left the World in 1970, realized the biggest truth – She Will Become an Object. Suchitra Sen, if to be remembered as a successful Industrialist’s professional successful wife, got rid of the ungreen business model for sure.

It is, fully meaningless to mention her magnetic personality which mesmerized the faulty Bengali audience as well as Hindi films like ‘Agnipariksha’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Saat Paake Bandha’ ‘Aandhi’ and’ ‘Deep Jele Jai’. She rightly performed an Entrepreneur’s trick, for sure.

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