Rituparno Ghosh – Reconciled

Rituparno Ghosh is a past tense – probably it is difficult to accept by anyone who was closer, regardless of time duration or way to stay connected. Rituparno Ghosh undeniably never will be Late Rituparno Ghosh. It is possibly difficult to explain the quality of knowledge of Rituporno Ghosh either in words or sayings that. Rituporno Ghosh implicitly or explicitly denied the trend of the Bengali race for sure.


Rituparno Ghosh – Reconciled


It is probably an abnormal question to ask about Steve Jobs’s religious views or very personal facts. Probably few raises such question in the Western World. But, Rituparno Ghosh before passed away was most searched with after only searching with his name as exact match - rituporno ghosh gay, rituparno ghosh new look, rituparno ghosh gender, rituparno ghosh films, rituparno ghosh in saree, rituparno ghosh family – in Google Web Search and Google Image Search. It is more shocking to me to unable to find a single high resolution photograph of Rituporno Ghosh while being behind the camera :




Was not it would normal to find more images for a director, a cinematographer while at spot, someone whose English Wikipedia page after last edit looks like this :


Rituporno Ghosh on Wikipedia

Whereas, this is the Bengali Wikipedia’s webpage about him :

Rituporno Ghosh on Bengali Wikipedia


I am not interested to Edit Bengali Wikipedia for various reasons, but the sentence which strikes more in Bengali Wikipedia is (transliterated) :


“He was inspired by a Swedish director named Ingmar Bergman”.


The reason is the National Film Award for Best Feature Film award winning film named Unishe April’s English Wikipedia webpage. As a narrative the sentence is used “It is a loose remake of the 1978 Ingmar Bergman film Autumn Sonata.”

To Bengali it is not acceptable that Rabindranath Tagore might have some personal affair, mind will go to find out a gossip; a person named Nirad C. Chaudhuri can write in an igniting way; possibly its better to get rid out of him was the right choice. Nowadays, no skilled talented Bengali voluntarily give the effort to become second Nirad C. Chaudhuri. Most opts for a foreign citizenship with Overseas citizenship of India to avoid ‘complications’ or leaves the State. Unfortunately, Rituparno Ghosh had no choice because of his creative niche.

It is normal that, searching with Rituparno Ghosh in Google Web Search is showing up mostly the images from the articles, news sites the photographs which has less to do with the Director Rituparno Ghosh. Mass Bengali failed to understand his quality or rather never tried to find out.

His own niche locally, nationally and internationally has shown the proper respect. But, can we ignore the mass audience ?


Rituparno Ghosh, Nirad C. Chaudhuri and Tagore


Satyajit Ray’s life was a difficult ride for sure, Apur Sansar was harshly criticised by a Bengali so called critic, Ray wrote an excellent article defending it, the wordings were towards Chaudhuri-ish. Ray rarely responded to critics. Rituparno Ghosh was under attack – by the diseases, by certain media personalities to make him appear as something he never deserved, by abnormal criticism of his person choice of sex. His works possibly kept not much to be criticized.

What makes us most thoughtful, is the practical fact, the mass Bengali female used to joke about him forgetting he was the director of the film - Dahan. Neither I am a Gay or Bisexual nor a female nor I ride public transport that much. But the facts really make me to think – its better to keep a creative person disconnected from Bengali mass while being a Bengali to progress forward.




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