Happy Birthday Google !

Happy Birthday Google ! Celebrate your 14th birthday and I wish more maturity in coming years. The huge support you provided for the developers by hosting Open Source Projects, academical publications, delivered high quality customer support for premium products, definitely pushes you up ahead to make the history of mankind, and yes definitely proved again […]

Whats the Next ?

If some series of action happens which you have no control, only one question rebounds back – Whats the Next ? Everyone has the right to enjoy this life, perhaps have the right not to agree to share any pain of others, bouncing back to an endless loop of thoughts, where dream can not penetrate, […]

Do Not Cry My Parents

Do Not Cry My Parents, I did wrong; you are not responsible for anything for the happenings. Both of you tried the best for me, I worked hard and working hard for the family. Its my fault to select the person. I thought she is like me. Both of you loved her thinking as a […]

Life is MySQL Database Where One Can Not Run Queries

One single post Indispensable MySQL queries for custom fields in WordPress changed the life of a website -TheCustomizeWindows. If scroll down the page, you will find number of Trackbacks – from WordPress website, Media Template’s guide to Speckyboy. The count is showing lower as I lost some data when it was hacked. Through this post the […]

Kindly Pray to God for My Father’s Life

This Post intended for friends and closer associates of Dr. Abhishek Ghosh. Please ignore if you have reached this webpage wrongly from Search Engines.   Where are you Dr. Abhishek Ghosh ?   This is probably the most commonly asked question by friends and older associates who are a bit geographically far now. For one […]

Research Works and Social Factors

Probably hundred times I wrote in The Customize Windows, particularly on posts related to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, I was working on that, that has been done 30% ; the thing is at the time I am writing here this one, I was writing a post on Strong Artificial Intelligence. I felt while writing that, if […]

Knitted Life, Foes and Sword

I knitted my life through 30 years among which I gave full effort for 27 years. If some people suddenly appears to destroy it what should one do ? Most will give up. I do not give up. I keep going. I am a responsible person of the society, a responsible serious Internet Marketer, an […]

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense is what that can not be defined. It feels it will happen in future or some times what happened in the past. I do not know whether it happens with others or not, it happens at least for me. I think it increases in spectrum if one gives it a priority. I have […]

Thanks to all who are writing me emails personally

Thanks to all who are writing me emails personally. I never thought I will get so much response from this small blog dr.abhishekghosh.net. I registered the domain without much thought – may be I thought to create it as a profile website. I do not know whether its true or just a saying, Deidre on […]

Living For Spirituality : Tor Vorsate Beche Thaka

Living For Spirituality and living for materialistic life – these two Worlds has a fine line. How people who are living two lives are living? Why they are more happy? Before writing something, the sentence Tor Vorsate Beche Thaka needs a kind of transliteration. I have stolen this lyrical line from a fantastic song of Rupam […]