India and Entrepreneur is Still a Joke

India and Entrepreneur is still a joke because the mass still fails to distinguish a business person, a freelancer and professional with some side business. Most of the list of Indian Entrepreneurs are quite scary – they basically lists the business owners – its actually difficult to think Azim Premji as Entrepreneur. He is definitely a model of successful business person or corporate identity. It is not the fact that India lacks skilled person or people who are Entrepreneurs or wish to become an Entrepreneur.


India and Entrepreneur is Still a Joke Because the Lack of Understanding


It is obvious, for the Indian audience, it is important to make the marketing properly. Using paranormal words like “Debojyoti Ghosh is thinking of Entrepreneurship” Typically no salutation is added in a very typical Newspaper from India, the pattern of writing might evoke a feeling – I do not want to step down from Mr. Ghosh to Debojyoti Ghosh or worse – just Debojyoti – “Debojyoti went to a local shop”. Debojyoti Ghosh is a very good person and our client, by the way. Whether we need to drop the last name or not that is a different topic. Back to the topic – Doctors have an advantage of the horrific prefix. Fearfully Advocates, Judges get something in front of their name. Quality of journalism – theoretically exists only in few named Newspapers’ Editorials. On the other hand, the quality of tech magazines like Digit is of expected higher level.

Worst goes possibly for the stage performers, sportsmen (gender non specific usage) – I am not a huge fan of any sportsmen or actor/actress, but it really feels bad to read in the way they are written. Indians typically have an abusive, torturing mentality, obviously when all efforts to become a doctor, an engineer, a player or a stage performer has been failed, the opportunity of expressing the hidden anger becomes apparent. Here is a Google instant search result for an Indian stage performer and Entrepreneur, the typographical error is deliberate to evoke the natural results :


India and Entrepreneur is Still a JokeI changed my IP to US IP and just tried to type Jessica Alba :


Jessica Alba

Two human can not be compared. It is not right to compare. But a Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS will be searched mostly for ‘Hot’, ‘Kiss’ etc. possibly is not acceptable, right ?

The real person remains unknown. Go to Google Image Search and perform a search with the names to feel the depth of the disease. India Right Now is suffering a disease named Rape. As a human I am ashamed to see the suggested common searches in Google Image Search for a human who lost her father at too tender age. Definitely – What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow – more examples on Rituparno Ghosh – Reconciled.


India and Entrepreneur


We are living in a country where people commonly will search with “Preity Zinta without bra” in Google Image Search, it is fact that Engineer Amit Agarwal, an IITian, a real Entrepreneur, practically father of Professional Blogging in India is not an Entrepreneur. Dr. Reddy is an Entrepreneur because he established a company sell medicine (pun intended).

There are several reasons for writing this article. At least, it is important to keep some documents of what common people in our time thought – someone might retrieve after 2000 years like we read in history or may be as a Dynamic Search Result in Google Web Search. Want to see more ?


Abhishek Ghosh

I named the article – India and Entrepreneur is Still a Joke. At the end definitely you have realized the facts – the meaning of Entrepreneur is not understood (the error is due to copy-paste mechanism for sure) by the mass in India, its unacceptable that you change your way of living or earning. Attitude towards women is better not be written.

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