DSLR Portrait Photography Paperback & Things Behind

DSLR Portrait Photography by Abhishek Ghosh – The Publication Was Important. More than Money, What I Want from the Readers is Awareness About Digital Products. This is not really a writing that forces one to buy the book. Not everyone has a DSLR, not everyone thinks about Portrait or has the good opportunity, most importantly; the book is not a cheap book.


DSLR Portrait Photography : Things Behind


DSLR Portrait PhotographyMass Market Paperback
by Product details

400 pages
Publisher: Amazon Publishers
January 1, 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1494357962

Obviously, it is quite pathetic & painful process to write a non-copy pasted book for print. Examples of copy pasted books can be those text books, thesis monograph, handbooks etc – legally copied as “citations”. There is also a legit service to check whether the content theft is perfectly done – its called citation checking ! For practical example – my next book is about very difficult thing – Neural Modeling, there are around 16 peoples on this earth who are working on that thing. The fully self funded seminars can not find 50 peoples around the globe. I failed to attend as speaker this November, the professor organizing replied, “I hope for the next year…” Means, he holds some hope for the next year to get one person in count to be increasing!
Truly, who will read and work so much (doctors & lawyers are quite clever about adding super-duper specializations, usually paid membership works fine; who will read PHP, Python, MySQL! ). You have pay for air ticket, accommodation, food plus some for organizing! No pharma company will ever sponsor (indirectly in sort of legal way). The reason was this book to be very honest.

Copy Paste is only illegal on web! Funnily, its legal in some way in all other publications. Nowadays, clever people usually invest money to get some professional service to write thesis – like blog articles.

Original books are usually written by the Inventors, Poets (poetry can not be copied I guess) or sort of these books. Another kind of original books are WSO (Warrior Special Offer, those who are not aware of) kind of e-books, erotic story books etc. However, both usually do not bear the real name of the Author!


DSLR Portrait Photography : Things Behind Reloaded


Introduction is bad part to write. Dedication part is also not really great to write. I normally hate writing & publishing mandatory thesis papers – an old fart’s name will get included without any help in the mandatory copy-pasting part (read citations).

Publishing book, DSLR Portrait Photography was an important decision before publishing One Third of Life.

But, honestly; if you can Publish a paperback, the joy is huge plus the royalty (i.e. return of investment) is quite nice. Apart from these cursive things, I noticed that lot of things are actually happening –

  1. That Delhi Incident unfortunately approaching towards anniversary
  2. Keyless entry and Backgear
  3. Section 377. Well deleting the Section 377 will give point 1 like things a bit better position from the accused’s part. I am straight (and) forward, BTW.
  4. Probably a few thousands of things.
  5. Matt Mulenweg got activated for WordPress 3.8 – very good sign for WordPress
  6. Few peoples are constant, that includes some ministers in India
  7. Indians, specially a part of Bengali peoples definitely has some issues with their way of thought
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