Abhishek Ghosh : Make Sure Whom You Are Searching For !

Abhishek Ghosh and Dr. Abhishek Ghosh are quite common name. While I might be relevant to you or may be not. Please know which is me and which is not. It is quite embarrassing fact that is creating problem lately and the things are explained here.


Understand Which Abhishek Ghosh or Dr. Abhishek Ghosh You Are Searching For ?


Its not only you, its Twitter, Google – all get confused and the its quite pain to send email to many automated profile grabbing websites. Sometime my profile image is different or one link is wrong, I mean not of me. What we can do if our parents gave an non-unique name !

The person who writes on TheCustomizeWindows, own other blogs, forums with business names is me. As TheCustomizeWindows was my first owned domain and I was not aware these issues can happen ever, I usually do not keep any link or name only on my other websites. These are some of my official social network profiles :


Abhishek Ghosh on Google Plus Profile

Abhishek Ghosh on Google Plus Page

Me on Twitter as AbhishekCTRL

Me on LinkedIn as DrAbhishekGhosh

Me on deviantArt


Normally, if you search in Google Web Search with Dr. Abhishek Ghosh, you will get my links with the first 5 results. Searching with Abhishek Ghosh can give variable result as possibly I still have no Wikipedia page about me or may be I restrict my personal photographs. I do not like branding myself my name. In other words, I do not run any SEO process behind, to be honest. I can see that a quite number of peoples searches with Abhishek Ghosh Cloud, Abhishek Ghosh Wallpaper, Abhishek Ghosh Windows 7 etc. key-phrases (and Google oddly suggests these), worse with Abhishek Ghosh Marriage (I am not sure about the intention or reason), ultimately many knocks at my personal Facebook profile.


Make Sure You Are Sending PM to the Correct Version of Abhishek Ghosh / Dr. Abhishek Ghosh


Abhishek Ghosh Search


I do not like to be PM-ed by young unknown females. As I am a human, how much search-able I am, I am can not agree to become a kind of consumable product. Without offending anyone, there is no chance that I will ever talk romantically with non-doctor (it never means that I will talk romantically with as many lady doctors as possible in one lifetime). May be the reason is as simple as calculating return of investment of an ad campaign. Most importantly, I might have some preference. I have been really fatigued replying PMs with “I am not that Abhishek Ghosh you are searching for” because its possibly obvious, in Facebook you can see my details. I do not have any degree on Marketing but I am productive in practical return from Marketing part. Day by day its reaching a number thats not quite agreeable, rather I do not have any intention to create a list and show some lady to impress.

I am overwhelmed that you like my works – be it writing, book or art but the things are done for my Family. I unfortunately do not understand anything outside a small boundary, the possible reason can be the fact – I am short-sighted.

About Abhishek

Abhishek Ghosh is an Orthopedic Surgeon, Inventor with 216 Patents, Current editor of TCW Media Group. You can follow and know more about Dr. Abhishek Ghosh on Google Plus and follow on Twitter as @AbhishekCTRL.

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