Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense is what that can not be defined. It feels it will happen in future or some times what happened in the past. I do not know whether it happens with others or not, it happens at least for me. I think it increases in spectrum if one gives it a priority. I have […]

Living For Spirituality : Tor Vorsate Beche Thaka

Living For Spirituality and living for materialistic life – these two Worlds has a fine line. How people who are living two lives are living? Why they are more happy? Before writing something, the sentence Tor Vorsate Beche Thaka needs a kind of transliteration. I have stolen this lyrical line from a fantastic song of Rupam […]

Spirituality is the ONLY way to get the RIGHT judgment

Spirituality is the ONLY way to get the RIGHT judgment. We can not kill, physically hurt a single life, we have no right to do. We can tell our Mother Goddess Kali to protect us in her lap.   You are no one to hurt anyone   You can not hurt anyone and in the […]

Why I do not curse anyone

The day I understood, my curse works ; I do not curse anyone. But without my curse my foes get the rewards for lifetime. This happens because I am devoted to my mother Goodness kali, who wants to make me to do something I still do not know.   I am fighting with ‘me’ and […]

Spirituality Can Not Be Learned From Books

Spirituality Can Not Be Learned From Books, yet one need to read the books written by the persons who has had attained a certain level of spirituality. These days as most of us has more mobile phones than the number of family members, laptops, credit cards (to be paid by someone later) usually do not […]