Auction of JIMA ( Was Won By Me via Sedo Holdings

Auction of JIMA

The Public Auction of JIMA ( Was Won By Me, Dr. Abhishek Ghosh via Sedo Holdings in around Mid 2014 in Fully Legally Compliant Way. Asking price of the materials was over 70 Lakhs INR and ended at an undisclosed price making me the winner of the Auction. This is Legal Note for various reasons […]

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos Review

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos is an excellent companion for Simon’s book named Raspberry Pi Cookbook. Almost 6 hours of video!

Suchitra Sen – Reconciled

Suchitra Sen–Reconciled

Suchitra Sen or rather Rama Dasgupta is important not because she is now a past tense, but because Suchitra Sen is an ongoing part of Bengali Culture – Good or Bad.

DSLR Portrait Photography Paperback & Things Behind

DSLR-Portrait-Cover copy

DSLR Portrait Photography by Abhishek Ghosh – The Publication Was Important. More than Money, What I Want from the Readers is Awareness About Digital Products.