Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos Review

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos

Raspberry Pi Cookbook Videos is an excellent companion for Simon’s book named Raspberry Pi Cookbook. Almost 6 hours of video!

Suchitra Sen – Reconciled

Suchitra Sen–Reconciled

Suchitra Sen or rather Rama Dasgupta is important not because she is now a past tense, but because Suchitra Sen is an ongoing part of Bengali Culture – Good or Bad.

DSLR Portrait Photography Paperback & Things Behind

DSLR-Portrait-Cover copy

DSLR Portrait Photography by Abhishek Ghosh – The Publication Was Important. More than Money, What I Want from the Readers is Awareness About Digital Products.

Officially 30 : Thinking to Take Retirement at 45 !

Officially 30

Officially your friend or foe Abhishek Ghosh turns to 30 years. One Third of Life should consist of a too much neglected part – Retirement.